Darkhorse450 Update


Ready to Launch

The flight’s one month out and a few changes have been made.

As of now I’ll be the solo pilot with Kate and Mrs. Gretchen Catherwood running ground support. This isn’t a bad thing, it allows more flexibility in planning.

I-69 Construction

I’ve adjusted the route to be a touch more aggressive in the beginning which should allow more flexibility over the rougher terrain at the end. New route here.
The first leg is the longest at 66.5 miles. With an average speed (No wind) of 30mph that is a serious stretch with 2 1/2 hours of fuel on board. With any tailwind I should make it without cutting into my reserve.

Obion River

I’m not just “hoping for the best”. Each leg has at least one alternate along the route, most are halfway through the flight. If there is any doubt about making the next planned stop, there is no doubt about what to do, and I will divert.

As of now each days goals are:
Oct 4th Friday- Overnight at Tullahoma (THA)
Oct 5th Saturday- Overnight at Jamestown (2A1)
Oct 6th Sunday- Overnight at New Tazewell (3A2)
Oct 7th Monday- Land Johnson Co (0A4) before lunch. Load up and crawl home.

Home Landing Zone

If your are familiar with the route or want to fly a leg or hang out at a stop, get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

And to the donors who have already stepped up to back us before we even take off, thank you again. Knowing people believe in the Darkhorse Lodge as much as we do will keep us moving forward no matter what.

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