Speed Record and Rough Day.


The weekends mission was a cross country to Graves Co. airport. About 40 miles one way.

Climbout at 7300 RPM

Winds aloft were the highest I’ve ever launched in, 25-30 mph at 1000′. But they were steady and fairly smooth in the morning. A layer of warm air(inversion layer) led me all the way to Graves Co. That kept me at about 500-1500′. It was super cool to navigate by feeling air temp.

Fuel Reserve

After turning into the wind at Graves Co. about 300′ to setup a landing I noticed a new problem. With enough throttle to move forward I was climbing. Releasing throttle enough to descend and I started flying backwards. Kinda neat but not ideal for my purposes.

50 MPH

I turned back downwind and dropped down to treetop height where the air was rougher but slower. Then turned upwind again and crawled to the airport at a slow jogging pace. It did make the landing super slow and easy.

53.3 MPH

I got to hang out with a great pack of pilots all day at Graves Co. and had a ridiculously tasty cheeseburger from “Off the Hoof” then got ready to head home that afternoon.

Welcome to Graves Co.

The wind had dropped to 10-15 mph. Not ideal but enough for me to make headway. Launched at 4pm so there were some very active thermals boiling up, and it was rowdy. It took about an hour to make the morning flight. It took 2 hrs to reach Fulton Co. airport, twelve miles shy of my destination, and every inch was a battle. By the time I landed airsickness was becoming a problem.

Down and safe

Wasn’t sure about beating the sunset getting home so I called superwife for extraction. Not making it back was a bummer but it was a great day and I learned a lot.

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