Darkhorse 450 pt. 1

First I have to say I’m floored by how much support everyone has shown the last few days. I just checked the Facebook campaign and it is almost at $1,500. I had hoped for a third of that. In addition the t-shirts and other donations (including random strangers along the route) put us around $2500 raised, all going to the Darkhorse Lodge. That doesn’t count the help with accommodations, food, fuel, and just moral support along the way.

I’m not saying I ever cried in the air, but leaving Tullahoma I had smooth air and time to read the comments you guys put up. My biggest fear was that no one would be interested in the flight or care about the cause. I was surrounded by the most beautiful scenery I had ever seen, mountains in the distance, rolling hills covered in trees, a train rolling down a valley no one could see but me, and huge lake out front. Gretchen had talked the night before about how much her son loved the outdoors, and I thought about a lot of guys who would have loved this view. Between that and all the words of support from everyone………I don’t cry, but it’s hell trying to hold a heading when your eyes are watering.

So I don’t know what to say to all of you except thank you for backing me on this attempt. I will be back.

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