Darkhorse 450 pt.4

Landing at Baker(0M3) Oct4 2019

I followed a toasty warm inversion layer all the way to Baker. It was a slow ride 10-20mph, but not uncomfortable. Once I found the airport and started descending I hit a layer of air that made my teeth chatter. It’s funny how it can be hot on the ground, warm at 3000′ and frigid at 1500′.

Dirt track outside of Baker

Baker is a pretty small place but perfect for a paramotor, lots of soft grass and space to work with. On landing I set up my helmet to charge strobes and radios then hiked the motor over to the fuel farm. It’s kinda funny ordering 2 gal of avgas.

While I was working on a fix for the leaking connection in my fuel system, a very nice man came out to help. His name was Wayne, a mechanic doing an annual inspection on one of the aircraft hangered there. He offered me free use of any tools or facilities I needed. He also had some great stories about ultralights. At one time he had a helicopter that used a small 2 stroke motor like mine, and he was in process of repairing an ultralight he had recently purchased. This was another guy I could have listened to for hours, but I had to get moving, the ground was heating up and the air was getting rougher.

I said goodbye to Wayne strapped on my gear, including the fully repaired(I thought) fuel bladder and ran into the sky.

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