Darkhorse 450 pt. 7

Landing at Smithville(0A3) Oct5 2019

Smithville International (could be)

Approaching Smithville the air was getting rougher but the view was tremendous. A pair of Gyrocopters were getting ready to go enjoy the sky as I checked in and started my landing run. One took off as I came in, he was already on the runway, the second waited for me to get down so I did as fast as I could.

This red gyro patiently waited for me to get down.

I picked out a landing area just past the hangers and got my next surprise of the day. Another paramotor pilot had picked the same LZ.

Another PPG pilot, what are the chances?

I came in fast, did a tight 180 and slid it in on my knees. Not the best show to put on for a new friend but I needed to clear the airspace(that’s my excuse anyway).

Tight 180 to land

I picked myself up as he came jogging over and I thought “this is either really good or really bad”. Turns out it was great. He introduced himself as Pat and was as happy and surprised to see another PPG pilot as I was. He offered to bundle my wing and help me hike everything over to his trailer where he had snacks and drinks. Talk about a lucky meeting.

Pat offered to haul my wing to his trailer.

Just as we got to his trailer I got another big surprise. Three amazing friends had driven in from Lancaster, TN to let me have the first cup of Darkhorse 25. What’s Darkhorse 25 you ask? Can’t wait to tell you.

Fast friends.

Nicole Sauce is an incredible and crazily diverse human being and entrepenuer. Her skills include podcasting,website development and consulting, homesteading and all that entails, and my personal favorite, custom coffee roasting.

L to R Nicole, Paul, and Pat

Under the brand Holler Roast coffee, which she roasts from home using very carefully selected and limited runs of imported beans, she has created flavors of coffee that I didn’t know were possible. A wide variety of roasts and methods including a blonde bourbon cooled that was at the top of my list until recently.

Cooling off the first steaming cup of Darkhorse25.

Darkhorse25 is a very special roast she developed with Chris, The Tactical Redneck, to honor the 25 Marines killed alongside the Catherwoods son. It is everything you want in good Marine Corps. coffee, dark and strong, but without sacrificing taste to achieve these goals. It is my new favorite. Recurring order put in for as long as it last.

Holler Roast will also be donating $5 for every pound sold to The Darkhorse Lodge. I’d stock up just for the flavor, the fundraising is a huge cherry on top.

After coffee I picked up the Talon and we hiked over to the fuel farm for a fill up. The ground team showed up as we were fueling and I decided to scrap the extra fuel bladder and put a new fuel cap on the main tank. Glad I thought to bring that, and that I had the support to carry the extra equipment.

As we were stripping the extra fuel system another pilot pulled up to use the pumps and jumped out to see the ridiculous machine we were working on. As soon as he heard our story he couldn’t wait to donate to the cause. I lost count of all the incredible people I got to meet that day and it wasn’t even lunch time.

I gladly took a few of Pats snacks and got ready for the next hop. I’ll be looking for any reason I can find to show up in Smithville again.

Full power run up.

Having another pilot on hand made launching so much easier. Pat hauled my wing to the launch site and laid it out, leaving me to do the final adjustments and checks before clip-in. I didn’t have to say a word he just new what I needed and knew what I needed to handle myself.

Better charge hard to pull this one off….

The wind was a little cross, but with a little finesse and a lot of power from the Talon I got moving towards Jamestown in a strong tailwind.

We are outta here.

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