Like a kid at Christmas

10-28-19 Launched from home at 8am.

I really needed this flight. Aside from a few 15 min runs I hadn’t made a real flight since the crazy ride that ended the Darkhorse 450. I had great weather and Kate made sure I had the whole day to make it happen.

I got off the ground about 30 minutes after sunrise. Wind was light and the temps were high 40’s. Perfect conditions for smooth air and I wasn’t disappointed.

Climbing out of the alley.

It was odd not having a plan or any goal to meet. I didn’t even decide which direction to go until I had climbed out. The leaves are just starting to turn and with a little ground mist here and there, the view was everything you would imagine. Spectacular.

Waving at cars on an elevated road, you get the strangest looks.

I decided to head towards Troy and just see what the day might bring. I had a great view of the town starting to wake up.

Good Morning Troy, TN

I made a loop around my parents a few miles outside of Troy and then started hopping tree lines heading back towards Union City.

I see me.

I was starting to get pretty chilly about an hour into it, but like a kid in the snow, I couldn’t quit. It was too much fun. At one point I thought I was losing power until I realized my throttle hand had gotten so cold it was sluggish squeezing.

2nd Baptist Church, Union City TN

I rounded U.C. headed back home, and landed just shy of the 2hr mark. I was shaking so hard I could barely control my flare. That’s probably why it was so smooth.

Headed home shivering.

That flight has made my whole week better. I can not wait for the next one.

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