Building A Search Dummy.

I’ve talked before about how valuable paramotors can be in Search and Rescue operations. The only way to bring that value to a scene is good training beforehand. To that end I’ve been working on different methods and tools to better myself in this area.

A few days ago while watching a Paramotor Nation interview with the founder of ASAR national (Airborne Search and Rescue) I hit on an idea. One of the surprising things for me becoming a pilot was how different everything looks from the air. You can see everything but you have to train your eye to understand the world from this new vantage point. In comes “Find me Freddo”

I built this guy as an inexpensive, easy to transport visual training aid. It’s just a few pieces of 1″ Poplar dowel rod and paracord at the joints.

I dressed up the joints with electrical tape just to avoid having to retie them later. Then grabbed some old clothes to dress him up.

It’s not fancy but it’s roughly people sized and should be useful helping to calibrate our eyes to spotting people in different terrain and clothing . He is also fits in a gym bag for easy storage and transport to a search area.

Total cost: Less than $30 and an hour of my time. It can be fitted with a life jacket for water searches and if you fold the arm and leg joints it becomes child sized. It should be a very versatile tool.

If your around West TN and would like to be a part of the team we’re building let me know. You don’t have to be a pilot. We are also looking for a good ground team to coordinate with local authorities and organize training events/direct search operations. Send me an email if you’re interested with “SAR” in the subject line.

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  1. Good stuff Kurt! We’ve recently acquired a baby doll to be used in our first practice search. I was concerned about how small it is though. I enjoyed your search and rescue video.
    Good luck finding your team!

    Rick Davies, AKA Gorilla
    Sky Pirates 863rd SAR

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