Darkhorse 450

Check in here for updates.

Date: TBD 2020

The first attempt is over: incomplete.

Planning for number two starts now. Want in?

Pilots confirmed : 1

Shirt sales go straight to the Darkhorse Lodge

Ground Support confirmed: TBD

Live tracking will be here via the Glympse app during the event and most training flights.

What we need:

  1. Pilots: Join us for the whole trip or just one leg.
  2. Ground support: Serve as emergency response, landing/refueling prep, meet us for lunch, setup laydown areas for the night.
  3. Sponsors/Pledges: If you would like to sponsor the flight directly for fuel/food, please use Paypal.me/Darkhorse450. All other donations can go straight to Darkhorse Lodge. Darkhorselodge.org Paypal.me/Darkhorselodge
  4. Promotional help: Let everyone know what we are doing. If you have a talent for web design, content creation, or social media we can use the help.




Route at iFlightPlanner



5-29-19- Our first donor who asked to remain anonymous sent in $500 earmarked for our fuel. I need better words to express my gratitude.

7-12-19- Training continues. I’m getting more comfortable with long flights in rougher conditions. It’s no problem to make a 2 hour 40 mile flight now. As long as I stay conservative on the throttle I believe I can get around 3 hours flying time on one tank of fuel. I need to start pushing that more.

9-2-19- One month out. I’ve made the beginning flights more aggressive to have more flexibility at the end.

9-19-19- Shirts are selling, interviews are happening, fuel systems are being tested and perfected.

9-30-19- The wind report is playing with my emotions. Sooo ready to get started. Also got surprised by some major donations over the last few days. That makes the whole flight worth it.

10-3-19- Gear packed, lets get it on.